117 S. Academy St., Cary NC


Located in Cary, NC at the First United Methodist Church, Pack 200 is an active (about 70 scouts) and dynamic unit of strong leadership, friendship and purpose! Our motto, “On The Move!” says it all. Our scouts strive to gain the life skills necessary to become excellent citizens and progress onto the Boy Scouts of America. Every year our scouts are active in community service projects that have ranged from planting trees in the area, participating with partner groups to develop stronger community ties, to sponsoring an annual canned food drive for the NC Food Bank. We are committed to the Scouting way of life by providing “boys and young adults an effective educational program designed to build desirable qualities of character; to train in the responsibilities of practicing citizenship; and to build personal fitness.”

Our Location

117 S. Academy St., Cary, NC

Meeting Times

COVID UPDATE: No meetings are being held at FUMC until further notice.
Please use the contact form on the home page to inquire about meetings.

Dens meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 during the traditional school year.
Our Pack Meetings are held every fourth Tuesday of the month. We gather together in the Fellowship Hall for interesting programs, fun and recognition of the boys. This year, we’ve outdone ourselves in planning a series of truly terrific Pack Meeting programs.

Points of Interest

Ask us what makes us so special! You’ll find there is a lot to discover! We invite you to attend any of our Pack Meetings to come and see.

  • Raingutter Regatta
  • Pinewood Derby
  • Cary Christmas Parade
  • Orienteering
  • Fishing
  • and of course CAMPING!