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Pack 200 Calendar

Can’t See the Calendar?

From time to time, the Google Calendar doesn’t play nicely with our website and doesn’t show up. If that happens to you, you can visit This Link to view the calendar in a separate page.

Subscribe to the Pack 200 Calendar Feed

The event calendar that’s listed on our website is also available in a form which can be imported directly into popular calendar applications like Apple iCal or Microsoft Outlook 2007. It’s important to note that this calendar won’t be just another static copy. Instead, your calendar program will periodically connect to Pack 200 and download any new events that may have been added to the
online calendar. This is a great way to easily stay up to date with our Pack calendar.

Pack 200 Calendar URLs

Subscribing in Apple iCal

From the Apple iCal application menu select Calendar, then Subscribe. Enter the feed URL listed above in the “Calendar URL” field and click the “Subscribe” button. After iCal verifies the feed, it will present a dialog which lets you specify how to incorporate the calendar feed. By default, the “Auto-Refresh” setting will be “None”. Change this to “Every Day” or “Every Week” to specify how often iCal should check our calendar for updates.

Subscribing in Outlook 2007

Choose Tools -> Account Settings and click the Internet Calendars tab. Enter the URL listed above. Click Add.

Google Calendar

Do you use Google Calendar? Login to Google Calendar an click the “Add” button that’s displayed above you calendars list on the left. Then select “Add by URL” and enter the URL listed above.

If you have any questions regarding the calendar, feel free to email for help.